We all know that aliens enjoy stealing and sometimes even mutilating cows. Nobody knows why. Perhaps the cows are the subject of biological experiments. Perhaps aliens have mistaken them for a more intelligent life form and are trying to mind meld with them to find out how best to destroy the human race. Or perhaps the cows just got in the way during the landing and take-off of an alien ship.

At least, all of those ideas seemed probable until earlier this month when Atlas Obscura announced that a herd of sheep had mysteriously appeared on the Isle of Wight. The island, off Britain’s southern coast is the second-most populous island in England, and in February it became home (briefly) to about 60 sheep.


Police were baffled as to their origin despite the obvious explanation, that aliens had dropped the herd there. Since the sheep promptly disappeared again, police had little to go on and the case was dropped. However, comments on the report from Isle of Wight County Press Online  revealed that phantom sheep are not a new phenomenon. C. Ryan-Sammon wrote:

“last year I spotted and reported to Police a large herd of sheep with metal fencing around them so they had no room to move, were on the pull-in by the Donkey Sanctuary in Wroxall.

Clearly, aliens are using the Isle of Wight as some sort of stopover point while transporting sheep off our planet. This raises two questions? Why do they need the sheep (and cows and buffalo) and why stop over at the Isle of Wight?

To answer the first question, we consider the Roper Poll which found that about one in every 50 people have been abducted by aliens. Most of them are returned, but those that aren’t need to be fed by their captors. Clearly the sheep are being taken as food for humans who have been abducted and are being kept alive in earth-like environments at alien zoos and research facilities.

To answer the second question, we consider the location of the Isle of Wight it is a small contained land mass with areas of low population density that is within easy distance of many areas of high population density. This means that it’s a convenient stop off for aliens ships that may have collected both humans and livestock on their latest raid. Humans, being more valuable. Are immediately transported off-world, but the livestock is sold to alien food processing plants.

In order to minimize risk that they’ll be seen or escape before the transport ship arrives, livestock are temporarily relocated to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is a lot like those craigslist exchange points that police are setting up in major cities. It’s an agreed upon location where aliens can meet and exchange merchandise.


For proof, check out this video of a UFO sighted on the Isle of Wight by James Ward on January 2, 2017.