There have been many reports of the upcoming alien invasion and how to prepare for it. Do you think you’re prepared? According to the Illuminati, you have been seasoned and are primed for consumption.

The USA-based Illuminati branch has been performing at peak efficiency levels, according to a copy of a report they recently submitted to their alien overseer. By using popular media outlets, they established and executed an attack with a double primary objective: Weaken and numb the target population. Shortly after initiation, Americans began to do their work for them. The center of a world-wide web of influence, the target population demanded to be copied and followed, and the world conceded.

This pie chart should clear up any misunderstandings

The numbing effect was decided to be necessary to lull the targets into a particular mindset when faced with otherwise horrific situations: a familiarity with the impulse to not react. From graphic sex and violence in fictional media to the glorifying of depraved and horrific displays on social media, exposure alone began a domino effect. Both condemners and proponents of the media-induced moral devaluation increased the initial exposure, drawing interest from sections of the population that may otherwise have been spared.

The necessity of the weakening effect may be more obvious, but the methods used have been more subtle. Undermining the population’s physical weakness was accomplished quickly: street drugs, antibacterial products, and the anti-vaccination movement are just a few of the methods used for this devastating goal. Emotional and mental weakness have culminated from widespread avoidance of challenges and systems established to reward failure. By focusing on imaginary oppression and over-publicizing divisive yet unimportant issues, the target population’s societal values have been successfully distorted.

Things like this...
Things like this…

You may be ready for the imminent unveiling of the New World Order, but not in the way you were led to believe.

Source: The Anunnaki Paedophilia Syndrome