Do you live in the southern United States? Do you love Donald Trump? Are you a die hard Republican? Well we here at TFG have discovered a sinister plan by the Clinton Campaign to silence your vote. There have already been 4 incidents involving biological warfare that point to one clear source: the Democrats are intentionally trying to kill off Republican voters.

“But TFG, didn’t you recently post an article about how Russia was trying to rig the election in Trump’s favor?”

Sure, we did, but if you have to ask that question, They’ve already gotten to you. Open your eyes, people. No matter which way we vote in this election, we’re just fueling the fire of Illuminati control. The illusion of choice is exactly what you’re supposed to believe. There is no choice, just look at the candidates:

“Did you just assume my gender?!”

Earlier this past week, sources reported that an 18 year old whitewater rafting enthusiast was killed by a brain eating amoeba she picked up in North Carolina. The US National Whitewater Center near Charlotte, NC was immediately shut down following her death and a full investigation, including officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was launched.

After testing the water at the USNWC, the CDC concluded that 11 water samples were contaminated with naegleria fowleriLet us repeat that, eleven water samples were found to have a link to the amoeba. That’s not just an isolated case. According to the USNWC’s statement at a press conference:

Initial test results found naegleria fowleri DNA was present in the whitewater system,

Now, with only a single death, you might be thinking that this is an isolated incident. You’d be wrong. State health officials from North Carolina have reported that this amoeba is common in warm lakes, rivers, and streams in the summer.

Are we sure about that? “State” officials are “informing” us that this is “common”. Sounds like a lot of Government cover-up doesn’t it? But the information in our era is always there, and they can never cover it all up. Especially when it’s all connected.

In the Florida Panhandle, just today, there was a No Swim advisory issued due to toxic fecal matter in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. An “unknown” source caused two counties worth of beached to be infested with fecal bacteria.

We’re not talking about the same amount of fecal matter on a toothbrush stored in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. We’re talking about unacceptable levels of poo in the water they’d give to a Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Those numbers aren’t just a little high, they’re astronomically high. Why do you think that is? Maybe because the Illuminati doesn’t screw around when it comes to trying to kill off John Q. Public.

The above post was placed by Glenn Burns, a well respected meteorologist and researcher who studied at the University of Florida and the University of Minnesota. This man is one of us, he reports real news, no filler. Check his Wikipedia page, if he were one of Them, it’d be a lot more in depth than that.

And yet, even with his knowledge and dedication to reporting the truth, he misspoke. In an early on report (that he later retracted), Mr. Burns reported that this would be and is a flesh eating bacteria.

See the original post here


But why would he report that? Maybe because he follows the real news and is worried about the same things we are. It’s almost like there’s a scare of flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico, or something…

Oh wait! There TOTALLY IS! Not just one instance of it either, but at least two people have been infected by a flesh eating bacteria recently in Texas.

According to the Houston Chronicle, one man was, not only infected by a flesh eating bacteria, but had to have his leg amputated after the encounter. Brian Parrott became “increasingly ill” after his trip to Galveston, Texas. He was sent to LBJ hospital, where doctors amputated his right leg just beneath the knee.

This is also not an isolated incident. The San Antonio Current reports a second person succumbing to the effects of the same bacteria. According to the report:

…the bacteria itself doesn’t eat flesh. When the body’s immune system recognizes an infection, it destroys all the flesh around the infected area…

But why would these three things happen in such rapid succession? It’s obvious. The Illuminati have sided with one candidate and the Aliens have sided with another. We’ve reported before that there’s an obvious break down in political relations between the two power hungry, enslaving communities.

At this moment, TFG is not sure which candidate is on which side. One thing is obviously clear: The Illuminati have come to odds with the Aliens and there’s a storm brewing. Each side is basing the turn of the entire planet on the outcome of the election for the leader of the “free” world. No matter who wins, we all lose.

I’m looking better every day, aren’t I?