Major news sources have “confirmed” that Russia is trying to influence the U.S. election. Proof came after a cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee. The firm hired to investigate the attack found that Russia was responsible for stealing secrets from the very heart of the Democratic stronghold.

“What appears evident is that the Russian groups responsible for the DNC hack are intent on attempting to influence the outcome of this election,” a spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign told Bloomberg.

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To throw us off their scent, Russia thrust forward a scapegoat, a hacker called “Guccifer 2.0” who claimed to be from Romania. That tissue of lies quickly fell apart.

Guccifer claimed to be “Romanian” but spoke the language poorly. Guccifer also popped up out of nowhere just in time to take credit for these attacks.

The question is, why? Why is Russia so intent on influencing U.S. politics?

The answer is, of course, Trump.

Russia, the cradle of communism, loves Trump. And so does Putin.

“It is widely known that Putin greatly favors Donald Trump,” Scott Borg, director of the nonprofit research institute U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit told The Hill.

And here’s why: If Russia can get Trump into power, they will have succeeded in making the head of big-business also the leader of the United States. With his posturing, orange skin, and hatred of all things foreign, Trump is sure to drive the United States into chaos.

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And that’s when Russia will make their move. With the United States crushed by the first man of capitalism, Russia will be able to make the first ever compelling case for communism.

They will infiltrate American computers and cell phones with communist propaganda, promising an escape from the ego-centric ramblings of the orange potatoes man who has become POTUS.

Americans, beaten down by the weight of Trumps ego will surely grasp at these empty promises. Russia will annex the United States, and the downfall of the civilized world will be complete.

You have the power to stop this grim future. Vote Libertarian, and save the human race.