Climate change, a touchy subject for everyone involved. It spikes emotions on all sides of the debate. But is it just a mode of control over the masses?

Speculation would tell us that, yes, that’s exactly what it is. For years the aviation community has been polluting our planet with deadly chem-trails, inserting their mind control chemicals to dust us with.

And now we’re faced with the scariest dilemma of all; another Government agency has been misleading us all along.

According to the liberal media, climate change is going to completely eradicate life on this planet! Or is it… Historical weather data has shown time and time again that this is false, and anyone with half a brain can see the logical purpose behind this myth.

Space exploration.

Here’s what they don’t want you to know:
Even the most elite Illuminati on our earth know that we need to explore space. It’s a staple to keep this planet going. But why? you may ask. Simple: Money.

NASA has slowly leaked falsified data to the masses for decades. Just look at the moon landing, obviously faked to hide what was really found on the moon: a secret alien base.

“Just take the damn picture, Jim. I can only jump so many times in this thing.”

Now what do secret alien bases and climate change have in common? Open your eyes, if you have to ask that question you are already a tool of the establishment. It’s easy to see that even the top Government officials don’t trust those beings from another planet, so they must have their insurance policy.

It’s clear that by proposing climate change and an impending apocalypse that we can’t change will push the sheeple to agree with NASA’s agenda of exploration for a new planet that we can inhabit.

But there’s no “we” in that scenario. NASA is just pushing to take your money from you and get you to support tax allocation for space exploration because they’re pushed by the Government to do so.

It’s simple, really, when you look at it. The Government doesn’t trust the aliens, and even they know that the aliens will stab them in the back eventually, so they need this insurance policy to save their own asses. Why else would we be pushed into believing that our planet is dying? There is no other answer than a big cover-up to hide, not only our Government’s relationship with the aliens, but also that the politics between them may be going through a rough patch.

We can’t even settle arguments on our own planet, let alone with a toaster headed alien race

Sure, you could call your congressman and tell him to stop support for… wait, what? Even if you explained it to the person you go on the phone they’ll never understand. Even if you actually got your congressman on the phone in person, you’ll just be dismissed because he’s expecting a seat on the magic rocket taking him to the next habitable planet.

It’s so well orchestrated that only the absolute top of the NASA knows what’s happening, and they’ll never sway. The Government has too much of a stronghold on them. Maybe some of their families have been held hostage to force them to further this research and propaganda. Maybe some of them have been assimilated into the Illuminati. And maybe, just maybe, a handful have been either reprogrammed medically by the aliens we know exist, or they’ve been killed and cloned because they refused to comply.

Now where does the money come into this? Secretly NASA has been mining other planets for years and selling the products to alien races in exchange for cloning technology and other things we can’t even imagine. But why do they need to continue to exploit the individuals on this planet? Because alien money means nothing to us, and the aliens are only going to share so much technology with us. The Illuminati know this. They need the funds to build the technology for their exit strategy in case things go sour with their friends from outer space.

Stay safe and smart out there…