Expert Daniel Wright, a senior lecturer in tourism from the University of Central Lancashire, has recently released an article explaining that humans will be hunting other humans as early as the beginning of the 22 century.

It’s pretty obvious that They want Us to be controlled, and that they’ll go to any length necessary to make sure We’re kept in check. The length we’re talking about here is that of hunting humans for sport.

It may sound like something out of Running Man or The Hunger Games, but it could be a serious deadly reality for children of our future generations. Gunned down by their own government and rich company executives for kicks. It’s sickening, but it’s just around the next corner.

Daniel explains:

During these activities the oppressive mega-rich carry out vacations to purposely slaughter humans, with the ‘claimed’ aim to reduce population size, but an element of perverse thrill and excitement was said to be fuelling the demand.

Due to the strain on resources for human survival the practice gradually became more recognisable and acceptable on the part of the wider population who form part of the wealthy-elite.

But why? Why would our own government sacrifice its people for the sport of the mega-rich? Simple: population control and oppression. Being threatened with death at any moment keeps Us in check.

What else are they hiding from us? We’ve discussed in a previous article that it’s clear the Illuminati want a controlled populace of slaves. If those who stand against them refuse to assimilate, it’s just as easy to make sure they’re contained or exterminated.

“You don’t have to kill me, I’ll starve to death after this movie kills my career”

In many ways this appears like it would also generate revenue for Big Corp and Government as tags for each human hunted would be paid to either. Not to mention that the industry would generate Dark Tourism, where people would come to either watch or participate in these bloodbaths.

Daniel continues:

Death as a spectacle is not a new phenomenon in social spaces. In fact, our past arguably shows the human fascination for death, through various forms, to be more of a social activity. Roman gladiatorial games and public executions are well documented examples throughout history.

But what if it becomes more sinister than that? We’ve known since Roswell that our government has had an understanding with alien races to exchange members of society for alien technology. What if that goes one step further and aliens hunting humans for sport becomes our world elite’s plan for continued control over our planet?

Here’s what they don’t want you to know:
The aliens will come to hunt us, and to watch us be slaughtered for sport simply so those in power can gain technological advancements. The medical part is already done. The aliens have figured out how to make us live forever through cloning and memory processing. But they’re not going to just hand that tech over to our Government cronies cheap, the aliens will demand sacrifice.

He’s coming for you, better get ready…

The time is now for us to open our eyes and prepare for this apocalypse our own people will wage against us for their own gain. We have to protect ourselves and make a plan.

Will you be one of those that survives? Or will you be another pawn in an Alien-Illuminati game of sport?

Stay smart and safe out there people…


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