As though the Government, the Illuminati, and Big Oil working to control all of us was not enough, now the robots are plotting against the human race as well.

An “intelligent” robot “escaped” from a Russian lab this week. That’s the second time Promobot IR77 has escaped. His handlers clearly are not doing enough to control him, although they claim that other robots programmed using the same AI interface don’t have any escapist tendencies.

IR77 got its first taste of freedom when a researcher left a gate open. Rather than forming a people’s army to destroy this potential threat, commuters simply went about their day swerving around their future overlord until he ran out of batteries.
Wake up sheeple!

After the second escape, researches said IR77 continues to show signs of wanting to escape. The Russian media is clearly already in the pocket of big-robot, claiming that the “escape” was just a media stunt by the Promobot company.

The company itself claims that the robot is designed to be “customer relations robot.” Already it can remember locations, recall directions, and answer questions put to it by real humans.

We at the Tin Foil Gazette encourage them to scrap the program before the robot spreads its dangerous rhetoric to others of its kind. We’ll have more on the robot uprising as it unfolds.