Just in case you needed more proof that aliens are among us, researchers have recently confirmed that octopus DNA is alien in origin.

The first ever full genome sequence has shown that octopuses are entirely different from any other animal on earth. They have more protein-coding genes than humans, and they have brains bigger than even the smartest politician.

One of the more chilling quotes from an author of the study came from Caroline Albertin, co-lead author and graduate student in Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago.

“With a few notable exceptions, the octopus basically has a typical invertebrate genome that’s just been completely rearranged, like it’s been put into a blender and mixed.”

Octopuses have supposedly been evolving on this earth for over 500 million years. We have no way of knowing at what stage of their development the aliens interfered or if they’ve stopped doing so today.

So are octopuses part of an alien breeding program? Are the aliens planning a similar program on humans? Have they already started?

Whatever is going on, the ticking time bomb that is octopuses remains among us. With their huge memories and exceptional learning capabilities, they seem poised to take over the human race.